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by | July 27, 2016

Human rights are strange things. Everyone seems to have a different idea of what they are, which ones take precedence and who has the right… to enforce them.

In Nova Scotia, law grads from the new private Christian university will be allowed to practice despite controversial rules that exclude fornicators and gays. (And gay fornicators I guess as well)

…the court said the society’s council did not have the authority to “issue rulings whether someone in British Columbia ‘unlawfully’ violated the Human Rights Act or the charter.” “Trinity Western’s activity occurred in British Columbia, and was outside the reach of Nova Scotia’s Human Rights Act. As a private university, Trinity Western was not subject to the charter of rights. Trinity Western did not act ‘unlawfully’ under either enactment,” the decision said.
The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society was also ordered to pay $35,000 in legal costs to Trinity Western University.

And so the tide of legal opinion seems to favour the rights of the private school over those of the individuals attending it.

The planned law school has already received accreditation in six other provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. It is expected to open in 2018

As a fornicator, and sometime advocate of the destruction of marriage, I certainly disagree with the university policy, but their club, their rules, seems to be the direction of the actual law…

2 thoughts on “Trinity Western legal battles on

  1. dusttodust

    This is all a ridiculous situation. Of course it’s all the old “how dare you discriminate against my wish to discriminate” hypocrisy.
    TWU should have their charitable status revoked so as to not have indirect tax-payer subsidies given to them. Let alone direct funding by tax-payers.
    I think the previous BCCT court case was a mistake in justice.
    Perhaps law firms might find ways to NOT hire such “students”

    1. Joe Post author

      The CRA does not care about ideology.
      They care about paying your taxes.


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