One thought on “Jesus and Mo Wednesday

  1. Tim Underwood

    Has this antisemitic concern past its best before date?

    It is so sweeping. Does the label include all Semitic language speakers for instance?

    Most North American people, with Semitic speaking ancestors, no longer even bother with these Middle Eastern languages.

    Is there any substantive difference between Reformed Jews and Unitarian Universalist Christians?

    Lots of non Jews have been cruelly circumcised, out of one surmises, stupid mimicry.

    For those antisemites who hate Jews, because the Jews allegedly requested the crucifixion of some beloved god-man, in a Roman scripted propaganda fiction, should these anti-Semites be more honest with themselves about where their hate response comes from? Also they could be more clear about which Semites they don’t hate, because the majority of the Semites are Muslims.

    Did the Jewish tribe, practicing Judaism, morph into a race of distinct people in the eyes of the Roman Empire after the story about them taking responsibly upon themselves, on their children and on their children’s children? This would a new race of humans being created by a fiction!

    Hitler believed the European Jews were a distinct race of humans. He was totally wrong about this but we seem to be perpetuating this ridiculous idea. Some modern people, with practicing Jew ancestors, seem to enjoy this foolish idea as well. Lets resolve ourselves to think about the Jews the same way we think about the Anglicans or any one of those stupid American Invented, religious tribes.


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