3 thoughts on “Jesus and Mo Wednesday

  1. Tim Underwood

    Psychology is the only relevant study of religious delusions.

    Even the field of psychology has been compromised by the American, mental health, diagnostic manual; being that it has had many religious minded contributors. Just imagine what regard we would have for a diagnostic manual that was being marketed by Saudi Arabia.

    The study of religious stories should be ‘holy book criticism’. A whole field of study, known alternately as theology or apologetics, exists to protect religious stories from literary criticism.

    When this religious story madness has finally burned itself out, religious stories will be studied in high school as part of the literature appreciation unit.

  2. Mark

    This is very interesting because I personally believe that people are attracted to various belief systems based on their personal characteristics – call it psychological inclinations, or one’s nature.

    For the sake of argument, a type A person is more likely to be a theist, whereas a type B person is more likely to be an atheist.

    These are all probability statements because at any moment profound experiences – the nuture side – can shift one’s belief in opposite directions.

    On a separate note, and related to the comic: cannot a psychologist be called in to psycho-analyse the atheist???

    Are there not equally interesting psychological questions that help explain the atheistic way of thinking?

    Just a thought.

    1. Tim Underwood

      A person raised in a fundamentalist Christian home is more likely to remain a fundamentalist Christian. There is plenty of support for this.

      A person who was raised as a fundamentalist Christian, who later becomes an atheist, used to be a rarity.

      The Catholic Priest, who reads the scriptures with great clarity, is in an extremely small minority, but that is where Protestantism came from.

      The Internet has made it possible for less motivated and less intellectual people to learn about the morally corrupt claims expressed within the belief system they were born into.

      I’m sure there are personality types that will prove to be immune to revaluating impossible religious claims, no matter how easy it is made for them.


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