Follow the money

by | June 24, 2016

I am not much for conspiracies, never attribute to maliciousness that which can more easily be explained by stupidity, but sometimes they end up being one and the same.

A Canadian climate change denial group has popped up in a U.S. coal giant’s bankruptcy proceedings that have lifted the curtain on the funding of a sophisticated continent-wide marketing campaign designed to fool the public about how human activity is contributing to global warming.


I’m sure it was an innocent mistake.

One thought on “Follow the money

  1. Fred

    And Alberta puts a carbon tax on, at the same time as selling old technology coal fired electricity plants to China. These old boilers are removed and reinstalled in China without any upgrades. So Alberta has cleaner fuel, China has dirty energy, and Alberta pays. NDP are a special kind of stupid. At least the remaining coal burners are powered coal.


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