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  1. Tim Underwood

    It would be interesting to know how long this “second coming” has been taught. Many Christians, only a century or so ago, thought that Jesus foresaw the destruction of the second temple, built by Herod, forty years into the future. They thought this because this is exactly what the New Testament quotes Jesus as having said.

    When a person, together with the X (tenth, notice the cross) Legion, came and destroyed the temple; “within one generation” they would have naturally concluded that the “son of man” had indeed appeared, right on queue, exactly as foretold.

    This comic strip observation by Mo certainly does lampoon the modern Christian expectations of another second coming of God as a human being.

  2. Tim Underwood

    “slower than the second coming”
    This is an extremely common motif within our military training arena. It makes one wonder if this expression is a relic inspired by chaplaincy indoctrinations during the First World War. “The Great and Holy War” still defies adequate explanation as to its creation. “Sower than the second coming” may echo this type of obscurity. It is probable that the multiethnic Roman Soldiers, during their third and fourth century military campaigns, were buoyed up by resurrection Christian-like fables.


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