5 thoughts on ““Ottawa Hijab Solidarity Day”

  1. AtheistsMeow

    I still say the people who wear these things should wear them in their places of worship, not in the public square of CANADA!

    When living in CANADA, the behaviour should be CANADIAN, & the religious badge should stay at their home, or worship house.

    If people want to get away from oppression in their countries, why bring this baggage here with them?

    I feel the same about wearing a crucifix too. It is all needless.

    1. Joe

      Freedom of expression and religion are so uncanadian… Oh wait.

        1. Tim Underwood

          Wearing swastikas is probably also allowed. It’s a cross of sorts. Wearing a swastika would be considered, by many, to be uncanadian, without the irony. Probably, as Canada becomes majority NONES, wearing religious regalia will seem less Canadian.


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