Delusional Logic

by | March 19, 2016

I posted this chart from Something Surprising on January 28, 2012. The post disappeared when the site was attacked, so I’m posting it again:


You may find the chart useful if you decide to watch Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Meyer, and Denis Lamoureux discuss God, science and the universe:


As Larry Moran explains,

Today’s the day we find out “What’s Behind It All?” The decision will be announced at the University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) by Lawrence Krauss when he educates the audience at Convocation Hall starting at 7 pm. Stephen Meyer (Intelligent Design Creationist) and Denis Lamoureaux (Theistic Evolution Creationist) will also be there to learn the answer. (Spoiler Alert: the answer is “nothing.”)

For those not attending the event, Krauss, Meyer, Lamoureux: What’s Behind it all? God, Science and the Universe will be live streamed on YouTube tonight at 7 pm EDT.

2 thoughts on “Delusional Logic

  1. Tim Underwood

    God, science and the Universe.
    Poetry versus criticism.

    There’s nothing to see here folks.

    The Bible is accomplished poetic mind control, replete with aggrandized threatening violence. We’re all familiar with the hard work of practicing science.

    We should concentrate on dismantling the Lie Factory.


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