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by | February 15, 2016

I consider this good news, but admit it’s making me a little dizzy… NECSS has issued an apology and reinvite.

We have asked Professor Dawkins to participate in this discussion at NECSS 2016 in addition to his prior scheduled talk, and we hope he will accept our invitation.

So… Uh… For those going to NECSS this year… Good luck?
Keep your heads down and if you hear an air raid siren… Fire alarms…
(Oh wait, ugh, it’s NYC, too soon?)
(I think I just offended me.)

7 thoughts on “Other News

  1. AtheistsMeow

    Mr. Dawkins had a stroke & is not travelling anywhere at the moment.

    1. Joe Post author

      Undoubtedly. And I am not a doctor, but Dawkins has already posted audio to his website indicating that his cognitive function was not impaired, and his main problem, as he put it was ‘buttons’, so some fine motor control issues. A challenge no doubt, and he may not want to make any public appearances for a while even if he technically is able. I know that sort of thing can be emotionally difficult to come to grips with, but nothing wrong with optimism. He’s a tough old bastard.

  2. AtheistsMeow

    That he is, but I know from living with it that my husband took about 18 months to recover from his, also tough old bastard who had his stroke in 1993. He lost his peripheral vision which took away his driver’s license. THAT was difficult for him.

    Medical care has come a long way since, so Mr. Dawkins may do very well, very quickly.

    1. Joe Post author

      Sadly it appears you are correct, RD has confirmed he will not be attending due to illness.
      Maybe next year then.

  3. AtheistsMeow

    RD has posted a letter on his website, & is doing very well with his typing & recovery so far.


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