Imagine A Special Place in Hell

by | February 20, 2016

If hell existed, there would be special place for Catholic priests who abuse children. If hell existed, I imagine Jesus using the rock on which He built His church to pummel these priests every day until the end of eternity.

In November 2015, CTV Montreal reported,

A sorry chapter of Quebec’s history is coming to a close with a settlement in cases of serial abuse at a school for the deaf.

The Clerics of St. Viateur ran L’Institut des Sourdes de Montreal on St. Laurent Blvd. for decades, but under their watch hundreds of students were physically and sexually abused.

On February 17, 2016, the Montreal Gazette announced “Deaf Students Abused by Priests at Clercs De St. Viateur Win Record $30-Million Settlement,” as if 30 million dollars will make the victims’ pain go away. It won’t because as the Montreal Gazette points out,

The list of consequences [for the victims] is long, from anxiety and shame and depression, to drug abuse and difficulty earning a living and/or having sexual relations.

and the consequences for the Clercs de Saint-Viateur du Canada and the Institut Raymond-Dewar are a measly $30 million dollars. Even worse, the Clercs de Saint-Viateur du Canada have the audacity to say,

the congregation will have to make “important sacrifices” financially in order to pay the amount of the settlement

The 27 priests and brothers, if they are still alive, should be marched through the streets of Montreal to be jeered at and verbally abused by Montrealers, while those who insist on supporting and defending these priests and the Catholic Church be forced to share the abusers’ punishment. The fact that so many people continue to support and defend the Catholic Church despite indisputable evidence of this history of abuse is incomprehensible.

As one victim says

“They say it takes a village to raise a child. Here it took a village to close their eyes – those that didn’t abuse them could not have been unaware of what was going on. As the lawsuit alleged, even a director of the Institute was a pedophile. What message did that send to those below him?”

The message is the Catholic Church has been and remains one of the most corrupt and vile institutions in the world.

I rest my case (for now).

11 thoughts on “Imagine A Special Place in Hell

  1. AtheistsMeow

    Hear, hear!

    Marched through the streets…..naked, after plenty of publicity! See how they like that scenario.

  2. Tony Bowker

    I was told that the pope recently pronounced that bishops are not to tell or compelled to tell if they uncover evidence of more priests abusing children. Is that correct ?

  3. AtheistsMeow

    Its long past time that religion is held above the law, & also long past time these criminals were prosecuted big time!

    1. Veronica Abbass Post author

      Thank you for that info.

      “We can be better than that.”

      What do you suggest?

  4. AtheistsMeow

    What happened to the ”human rights” for the children?

    Weren’t their human rights ”violated” in a terrible way?

    1. Joe

      Being against the torture of criminals is not the same as defending child rape.
      Your equivocation is irrational.

      Respecting universal human rights, for all, is a cornerstone of our civilization.

      And supporting lynch mob justice, has not been something that has generally been in the best interest of atheists, historically speaking, as we sinners tend to be more on the receiving end.

  5. Robert

    The special place in Hell should be their next stop after an earthly lifetime spent in a special place in Jail, called “segregation”. The main reasons being that there is no such place as Hell anyway, and as a civil society we REQUIRE those folks to be jailed to set an example for other priests. That’s the purpose and function of justice.

    In all serious, never mind that we let down past victims by not insisting on proper justice in the form of severe punishments, we are facilitating FUTURE victims as well. Deterrence is an indispensable ingredient of justice and justice is an indispensable ingredient of democracy.

    How much of the $30 million do the victims actually keep? Or does it all go to legal fees now, like the money from the Residential Schools settlements did only than a decade ago?


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