Henry’s Rant

by | February 22, 2016

The post “Imagine A Special Place in Hell” generated a modest amount of reaction in the comment section and in email messages to me.

“Henry’s Rant,” which began as a private email, is posted with permission as the first of what I hope becomes a series of “Henry’s Rants”:

Hi Veronica:

I fully agree with your charge that “the Catholic Church has been and remains one of the most corrupt and vile institutions in the world.” What enrages me especially about the RC mafia is its hypocrisy. Of all evils, hypocrisy offends me the most because it feigns virtue while practicing vice. The current pope is a prime example of this practice. When I see him globetrotting his phony smile and his baby-kissing routine, I think of the millions of children on whom his organization has inflicted unspeakable pain and suffering for centuries, and I cannot think of any punishment adequate to such crimes.

And the suffering of children continues to this day at the same hands that purport to bless the multitudes. Millions of children in Africa, Asia and South America live in abject poverty and broken homes because The RC mafia opposes contraception and allows for copulation only when it serves population. These unwanted children roam the streets, starving, victims of beatings and rape, murdered, forced into prostitution and crime by the score every day, and no one knows that better than the Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio who hails from Buenos Aires where the starvation, oppression, violation, rape and murder of children is an everyday occurrence. These crimes are ultimately the consequence of the pathological teachings of the Catholic Church.

To boot, Francis, CEO of the wealthiest international business corporation in the world, masquerades as a simple man, living in poverty. That millions of human chimpanzees flock to worship this hypocrite and his ridiculous notions about the world suggests to me that our species doesn’t deserve this magnificent planet. It will take a profound mutation if evolution is ever to celebrate the fulfillment of mind.



5 thoughts on “Henry’s Rant

  1. Theresia

    That was a great rant and oh so true… and if you haven’t yet, you should read ‘The Missionary Position’ by Christopher Hitchens… this further corroborates what Henry is saying. In spite of all of this I am a bit more optimistic than he is. The fact that Canadian Atheist exists, that we can read Henry’s rant, these are all a step in the right direction. The Catholic church is losing ground and hopefully so will all other religions. The fact that Humanism is a thing , that my daughters have both been married by humanist officiants instead of in a church, tells me things are getting better…and I am an example as well….used to be a Catholic, now a confirmed atheist!!

    1. Larry Wayne

      It amazes me how millions world-wide still wish to consider themselves supporters of this (med)evil cult. So many people seem willing to buy into this religious nonsense as a result of indoctrination (child abuse, as Hitch had said) or nonsensical fear of death (see what Epicurus had to say about this if you are unfamiliar).

      Definitely an atheist, but I seemed to have missed the confirmation.

  2. AtheistsMeow

    Yes, I own that eye-opening book. I knew I could never stand even looking at that ”woman”.

  3. Dinsmore Roach

    This sums it up for me. Frankie is fooling a lot if flunkies and I meet them everyday. They invariably say that is so progressive until I point out his phoniness and where he contradicts his book and previous encyclicals. Case in point on the use of condoms to combat Zika. He is finally ceding to public opinion and we must up the ante for future fights at the altar.


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