Jesus and Mo – Extra

by | January 7, 2016



Actors’ statement.


Over at Why Evolution Is True, Jerry Coyne admits he is “not quite sure why Jesus and Mo themselves are holding the sign” that says “Nous Restons Charlie Hebdo” (“We remain Charlie Hebdo”), and the commenters are attempting to answer Coyne’s question.

However, the author says that “Nous Restons Charlie Hebdo” is the actors’ statement, so other than that hint, the comic strip is open to interpretation.

Jesus and Mo live together, drink together and sleep in the same bed, but they do not always agree or admire each others’ religion. It is possible that today, they have agreed to be hypocrites and put on “a face to meet the faces that they meet,” or maybe they too are horrified and appalled by the acts their followers commit in their name.

Now that’s a sobering thought!

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