Introducing MuktoMona

by | January 24, 2016

Canadian Atheist is proud to introduce MuktoMona, a Bengali/English blog founded by Avijit Roy (1971 – 2015) in 2001, edited by number of volunteers, among them Raihan Abir, a Bangladeshi atheist writer now living in Toronto.

The “About” page of MuktoMona is a straightforward description of the organization and the blog:

Muktomona is a secular humanist organization that took its shape on the 26th of May, 2001 from a discussion meeting organized by Avijit Roy (1972 – 2015). Although Muktomona started as an online discussion circle, it has now evolved into a social movement through blogs, activism and research. Our central principles are exemplified by secular humanism, a thought process characterized by a belief in philosophical naturalism and humanism.

The page reminds MuktoMona readers that

Those who form ideas and opinions about the world on the basis of logic, science and humanism, and independently of authority, tradition, societal norms and established dogmas can be called the freethinkers.

and makes it clear that MuktoMona

is mostly a society of non-believers.

The phrase “a society of non-believers” is particularly evocative; it suggests both a description and a goal.

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