Unacceptable Nonsense

If a man standing on a street corner were stopping people to tell them what Baby Jesus wants, most people would either ignore him or have sympathy for him because the man appears to be incapable of living in a rational world.

However, when the spiritual leader of more than a billion Catholics shares his personal opinion on what “Baby Jesus, the Son of God,” wants and needs, people listen, and his delusional opinions are published for the world to see:

[The Baby Jesus] wants to be in our arms, He wants to be cared for and be able to fix his gaze on ours. What’s more, we should bring a smile to the Child Jesus to show him our love and our joy because He is in our midst. His smile is a sign of love that gives us the certainty of being loved. Children, finally, love to play. To play with a child, however, means abandoning our logic to take on theirs. If we want to have fun we need to understand what pleases them, and not to be selfish and make them do things that we like. It is a lesson for us. Before Jesus, we are called to give up our claim to autonomy – and this is the crux of the problem: our claim of autonomy – and instead to welcome the true form of freedom, which is to know who is before us and serve Him.

Pope Francis appears to believe that a Baby Jesus statue symbolizes a living/dead divine-human person, who is/was the son of God and is/was himself a God, “who, for our sake, became a child.” Francis invites Catholics “to adore the Child Jesus and to contemplate the mystery of the Incarnation as a revelation of God’s saving love.” and invites them to look forward to “His death on the Cross and His Resurrection [as] the ultimate expression of His redeeming love.” This is just nonsense; Francis is spreading nonsense.

No sane person should be expected to believe this nonsense, nor should any sane person be expected to agree to live in a world where government policy reflects this nonsense. No one should be refused the right to a dignified life or death because of the prevalence of this nonsense. No child should be subjected to physical or mental abuse by members of an organization that perpetuates this nonsense. As David Silverman says in his book Fighting God,

It’s time to shut that shit down.

So, let’s get moving!

5 thoughts on “Unacceptable Nonsense

  1. Criminally insane people are widely feared and dealt with by organized societies. Religiously insane people are widely feared but not adequately dealt with in many of these same societies.

    Helping the religiously insane isn’t a regularly discussed concern. The religiously insane are only dealt with after they cross over into the criminally insane category.

    Today we even have popular politicians who are obviously religiously insane. Think about school educators and prison wardens who are borderline religiously insane.

    Eventually, religious insanity will become more regularly diagnosed but currently religiously insane people are not grouped along with the other paranoid, delusional or sadistic personalities that are routinely treated for mental health problems.

    We have to levy taxes over and above ordinary tax rates on the religious institutions to pay for the mental health treatments that the religiously insane people need. These taxes could be eased in by applying the same tax rates other entertainment industries currently face.

  2. I fear the religiously insane more than the criminally insane:)

    • I know what you mean. Fourteen years ago this thought wouldn’t have risen to a lame attempt at satire. Today, if it hasn’t risen to something to consider, it is a damn good joke.

  3. I think the worst part of Frankie’s silly discourse is where he writes about giving up autonomy: “we are called to give up our claim to autonomy … and instead to welcome the true form of freedom, which is to know who is before us and serve Him.” In other words, the pope promotes submission to the will of “god” as determined by god’s primary representative on earth, Frankie himself. How convenient!
    Submission is what it is all about. It is no accident, for example, that “Islam” means submission. Christianity and Islam have much in common. They both deserve to be treated with healthy disrespect.
    Rather than submit, we humans need to take responsibility for ourselves, to assert our autonomy from supernatural crap, and solve our earthly problems.

    • Have you seen The Avengers movie? The pope sounds
      like Loki:)from the scene in Germany:-)

      “and this is the crux of the problem: our claim of autonomy – and instead to welcome the true form of freedom, which is to know who is before us and serve Him.”

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