Seth Andrews: “The Mother of Bad Ideas”

by | December 19, 2015

Seth Andrews, the host of The Thinking Atheist, spoke at FreeOK 2015: the Oklahoma Freethought Convention on June 20, 2015 in Tulsa Oklahoma. In his talk, Andrews explores

how easily we, as human beings, become infatuated with ideas over facts, often leading to incorrect and even damaging assumptions that keep us in the dark.

First, Andrews discusses Chris Kyle; then, at @9:08, he begins his take-down of “The Mother of Bad Ideas”: Mother Teresa.

For more information, see the STOP The Missionaries of Charity Facebook page and the Independent article, “Mother Teresa: Why the Catholic Missionary Is Still No Saint to Her Critics,” which includes an upload of Christopher Hitchens and Tariq Ali’s 1994  documentary: “Mother Teresa: Hell’s Angel.

2 thoughts on “Seth Andrews: “The Mother of Bad Ideas”

  1. Rob

    If Christopher Hitchens were alive, HE WOULD STOP THIS. This is not an unrealistic statement. He wouldn’t need to change suits in a phone booth first, he’d just get the job done. He had that kind of je ne sais quoi.

    This is why we should get the job done ourselves, by the only means available: Democracy as a weapon against the Vatican’s Dictatorship. It would be our thanks to The Hitch for services rendered to humanity. It would be the world PAYING ITS RESPECTS to his memory.

    Write a letter, send an email, to a government official, the media, your nearest Cardinal. Bring it up at the water cooler.

    Christmas is no time for sanctifying the evil that is in the world.

  2. Tim Underwood

    I think Tulsa, Oklahoma is the city that formed the backdrop to the young adult story ‘Rumble Fish’. This novelette was made into a art deco film back in the 80’s. To me this film seemed more like opera than the typical “coming of age” film effort.

    I bought these stories for my adolescent son back then and I thought it was cool to see it made into a movie.

    The enigmatic character, the motorcycle boy, mumbled his appraisal of his neighbourhood by commenting that people would persist in joining gangs and imagining themselves to be in heroic roles.

    Think of the churches as tax-haven, gang-properties for Tulsa’s brainwashed senior citizens. They have a lot of political sway but they are thankfully dwindling in numbers.


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