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  1. Veronica Abbass


    Did you post this to yank my chain?

    The mosque fire in Peterborough received far too much domestic and international media attention. A building was damaged, not a person or people.

    The Imam of a-Salaam mosque in Peterborough, Shazim Khan, is a raving misogynist, so much so that a Rebel article asks, “Does Justin Trudeau share the same values as the Imam of Peterborough a-Salaam Mosque?” http://is.gd/ts1y2p

    It’s fair to ask does Larry Gillman, president of the Beth Israel Synagogue, share the same values as the Imam of Peterborough a-Salaam Mosque?

        1. Joe Post author

          Fair enough. I am less concerned with his values, thought crimes, or the implied guilt by association.

          It may just be property damage, but arson is a serious crime for a reason, it can easily cause injury, death, and ruin lives. And an arsonists lack of concern for life combined with religious hatred is a bad thing to have in Canada. Blaspheming feminism, on the other hand, is not a crime, at least not yet. People standing up against violence directed at those who think, believe and live differently is the good for everyone.


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