No prayer for you

by | November 27, 2015

I’m not easily offended. I don’t much care about the magical incantations people often feel the need to mumble, but if someone says they will pray for me… in a goodwill sorta way… I will simply take it as that, goodwill. Full stop.

Prayers mandated by government are more problematic. Mostly I find them amusing and silly, but I understand how it can make people feel excluded. And since they tend to be more about religious people pissing on everyone else to mark their territory, tossing them seems like good sense.

In a survey of 1,504 Canadian adults, taken after the Supreme Court found official public prayers violate the state’s duty of religious neutrality, three-quarters approved of just starting meetings with no ceremony at all, and a similar proportion approved of a moment of silence.

Of course, if you pay me enough, I’d even read Finnegans Wake to a crowd of penguins. Hail Eris, you are the fairest!

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