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by | November 17, 2015

Until They Change themselves – One Day Mini-Conference at Islamic Centre of Clarington

31 December 2013

Guest Speakers:

Abu Usamah Attahabi – Imam of Green Lane Masjid | Birmingham, U.K.

Shazim Khan – Imam of Masjid Al Salaam | Peterborough, Canada

AbuMaryum Mamoun Hassan – Imam of Masjid Al Ameen | Clarington, Canada

1:03:41 – Shaizm Khan is introduced as the Iman of Peterborough

1:04:15 – Shazim Khan talk starts

1:05:00 – Theme of his talk is importance of family in Islam

1:07:43 – “from the Islamic perspective this (the family) is an institution that Allah has put in place for us to live our lives and this is the natural way, the natural way in which human beings fulfill their desires”

1:08:00 – “there are those who are trying to break up this family structure and trying to go against the nature of Allah and we have to understand as Muslims that we are not allowed to buy into these innovations and this crazy stuff that people are bringing into society”

1:08:30 – “you have a responsibility as believers to save yourselves and save your family. From What ? From him (Allah I presume) !”

1:09:00 – “like everything in life there must be somebody in charge and so in the family, this family structure, even though every single member of this structure has a role and responsibility one particular individual is responsible to make sure that this family functions in an Islamic way and he is responsible to protect this family from destruction and from bringing about its own ruins and that is the husband”

1:10:28 (paraphrasing the prophet) “and he said that marriage and raising a family is part of my soon? and whoever does not like marriage, does not like to raise a family, is not part of my umma, he is not part of me”

1:10:50 (still paraphrasing) “and also went forward to explain that we should not only marry and establish families but have like large families, try to raise large families … marry and have as many children as possible but raise them properly take care of them for verily I want to compete with the other nations”

1:11:20 – “this is part of Islam, this not something we make up”

1:12:00 – “practical ways in which we can help make our families stronger”

1:18:33 – “so we need to make the house peaceful, joyful – give the kids, give the family members, the wives, the wife or wives, give them some flexibility to manoeuvre in the house”

1:18:50 – “society is a prison, children when they go to school they are bombarded by so many problems in school, they are bullied in school, the culture is kuffar”

1:23:40 – (heart rending story of teenage girl who was not forced to pray and as a result  years after she came out and said I don’t think I want to be a Muslim any more because Islam doesn’t make sense to me)

1:23:35 – “the wife should make sure that at prayer time she grabs the daughters and the small boys let them pray with her, the husband has to go to mosque and take the eldest son, the big one and even the small one sometimes”

1:24:18 – “brother and sisters we need to understand that this raising of family, especially in this society, especially in Canada, North America generally is not an easy job”

1:27:00 – “last but not least and this is for those who have like girl children and girl children sometimes can be very, very difficult to deal with, I mean I’m not saying that boys are easier but generally the prophet Allah said, he said to raise your children is a trial but the prophet Allah he said whom so ever is trying by daughters and he is good to them, he is patient with their trials, he spends on them his effort to raise them, makes them good, the prophet Allah said they would be citron, a shield for him from the fire of hell”

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