3 thoughts on “Armin Navabi at Non-Con 2015

  1. Tim Underwood

    This is just a reminder that the West totally dropped the ball, ever since the Second World War, when it came to selectively supporting Middle Eastern peoples.

    The reason the religious nuts are so entrenched over there is we have always deferred to the religious spokespersons as the legitimate representatives of their various nations.

    When you consider that the United States is an officially secular country and Canada is an unofficially, by majority, secular country, one has to ask, “What the hell went wrong?”

    Why didn’t we find better people to represent us?

  2. Veronica Abbass Post author

    “Why didn’t we find better people to represent us?”

    I’m confused by your use of the word “us.”

    Who is us, and where didn’t we find better people to represent us?

    BTW: I’ve been trying to contact you. I would like you to consider writing for Canadian Atheist. Please contact me at https://www.canadianatheist.com/contact/

    1. Tim Underwood

      Us: Canadians.

      Better people: More secular, eventually exclusively secular, politicians.


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