“The Bible and Other Fairy Tales”

by | August 11, 2015

Linda, the creator of “The Bible and Other Fairy Tales,” passionate atheist and skeptic, and professional comedy singer/songwriter, alerted Canadian Atheist to her

weekly atheist and skeptical musical comedy web show that passionately and openly champions science and reason without fear or apology, by ruthlessly ridiculing the inconsistencies, contradictions and hypocrisies of religion, pseudoscience, and the paranormal.

Linda plans to make “The Bible and Other Fairy Tales” a weekly comedy web show that will feature “a brand new atheist or skeptical song” or “take a look at someone (or something) who is, or has done, something spectacularly ridiculous in the areas of religion, pseudoscience, and the paranormal, and vote them off the planet!”

You can read all about Linda and her reasons for creating “The Bible and Other Fairy Tales” on her website.

This week’s episode is entitled “The PSYCHOTIC Saviour?”:

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