Chris DiCarlo: “The ‘FAIR’ Machine Project”

by | August 24, 2015

In one of his posts about INR5, Jerry Coyne discusses Chris DiCarlo’s presentation at the event:

Chris DiCarlo related the heartbreaking tale about how he had lost jobs and tenure by being an atheist—in Canada!—and proposed that we devise some kind of “fairness machine” that could make decisions without human bias.

In the video, “The ‘FAIR’ Machine Project,” DiCarlo talks about more than how he lost academic positions and was refused tenure because he is an atheist. “The ‘FAIR’ Machine Project” is DiCarlo at his best, and as you watch the video, you will nod in agreement, shake your head in wonder and get very angry at the administrators in institutions of higher learning: universities and colleges, yes, “in Canada!”

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