CFI Ottawa confronts hate at Ottawa Pride 2015

I’ve been asked why CFI Ottawa would want to walk at Pride? After all I was told, “GLBT aren’t being oppressed here in Canada as they once were”. “Why do GLBT want to have a party about being queer?” “I’m straight so it would not be right for me to march with you.” I had to explain over and over again that from our perspective it is not a celebration of a queer culture nor is it a party. We are supporting GLBT against the irrationality of beliefs based upon scripture. Our own signs carry the message “Stop faith based bigotry”


Every year we have hateful preachers who stand in front of churches or at street corners telling the marchers that they are going to hell. Every year we have our very own Jesus in the form of Brad Murphy to make a mockery of these people.


Our “Jesus” has quite a fan following at our pride marches.

jesus_fan jesus_fan2Our Jesus “saves” the hateful preachers from their “sin”

preacher1This guy is a regular and stands on a street corner carefully keeping his face hidden behind the cross.

preacher2This guy uses a microphone and loud speaker each year to harass the marchers and we helped silence the hate from this guy at least for a few minutes.

preacher_loudThis was my first year leading CFI Ottawa into the pride march but the first year where I realised that many people still don’t understand just how important it is for us to show that hate from the religious is something that cannot be tolerated. We must make bigotry from the religious made to look as ridiculous as possible

6 thoughts on “CFI Ottawa confronts hate at Ottawa Pride 2015

  1. Thank you Diane. I think that we have as much a political point as a philosophical one. Your activism is appreciated.

  2. Good on you Diane. 🙂

  3. I have marched in the Ottawa Capital Pride Parade for over 5 years. Clearly those who are marching in the parade (not to mention the organizers) have invited and welcomed those of us who are “straight but not narrow”. I’m not a psychologist, but I do have to wonder what a person who says “I’m straight so it would not be right for me to march with you” really means by that – perhaps they are uncomfortable with the prospect that they might be identified as being LGBT themselves (which might contradict their assertion that being LGBT is now considered mainstream).

    Of course, just being an atheist does not necessarily imply any sort of philosophical, social or moral position. But many of us who are atheists are committed to helping to build a fair and just society based on rational principles, and want to stand up for the principle of equality for all people, including (among other things) the freedom for people to express their sexuality without being subjected to faith-based hate.

  4. I love the CFI Jesus!! I was in Ottawa this weekend and saw people from the parade getting on the bus I was on but I didn’t know there was a Pride Parade and especially didn’t know about CFI Jesus or I would have made the effort to divert some time to come down!

  5. Thought shalt not blaspheme the gay, lest ye lose your right to free expression. 1:1 Book of PC

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