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by | June 22, 2015

Matt Cerami’s article in, “Stop Applauding the Pope: A Word on the Misguided Praise from Progressives,” is one I wish I had written; it perfectly mirrors my opinion:

One day I’ll wake up and the liberal love fest with Pope Francis will be over—but until that day comes, I want to make something clear: Pope Francis is not a good person. He might not look so bad cloaked in the shadow of his predecessor, Pope Benedict, but I urge you to look at him in the light. Gauged on his own, and gauged against other more progressive, tolerant, and intelligent social leaders, Francis is revealed to be little but the latest and shiniest vehicle through which the Vatican can push its oldest and dustiest doctrines. He should not be praised by progressives; he should not be adored by them; and in light of the recent publication of his encyclical on climate change (among other things), I say that he should not, under any circumstance, be taken as a credible or relevant source on anything that’s happening anywhere outside the high and gilded walls of his ancient Roman castle.

That’s the first paragraph, but don’t stop there; read the whole article.

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  1. bruce van dieten

    I suppose it is possible to harbour some hope that perhaps change is the vatican wind sweeping out continually from the papal blow hole. Or not.


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