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Questions for Federal Candidates: Updated

by | June 25, 2015

Here is the updated list of questions to ask the federal candidates in your riding: Do you support the right to freedom from religion as well as the right to freedom of religion? Do you support secular governance, i.e. separation between religion and state? Do you support removing the phrase “the supremacy of God” from… Read more »

“Secularism Betrayed: A Summary”

by | June 24, 2015

Guest post by David Rand This is a summary of the three-part series of blogs “Secularism Betrayed” available on my website: David Rand’s Blog: In late 2013, the government of Quebec introduced major draft legislation — a Charter of Secularism — which would have formally and officially declared Quebec to be secular. Unfortunately the proposed… Read more »

“So What Do Atheists Believe In?”

by | June 23, 2015

Richard S Russell, who writes what he calls “Russellings” for his website, Live Journal, replied to a letter to the editor in the Wisconsin Cap Times that asks, “So what do atheists believe in?: Dear Editor: Anne Nicol Gaylor’s death reminds me that God is not the enemy of atheists, religion is. So focused are… Read more »

Recommended Reading

by | June 22, 2015

Matt Cerami’s article in, “Stop Applauding the Pope: A Word on the Misguided Praise from Progressives,” is one I wish I had written; it perfectly mirrors my opinion: One day I’ll wake up and the liberal love fest with Pope Francis will be over—but until that day comes, I want to make something clear:… Read more »

REAL Women and Sex-ed

by | June 22, 2015

Gwendolyn Landolt, National Vice-President of REAL Women of Canada has published her opinion of the “Constitutional Position of Catholic School Board in Regard to the Ontario Sex-Education Curriculum.” Landolt is a retired lawyer who “has written extensively on Canadian constitutional issues, in particular the Canadian Charter of Rights.”  She is also a REAL woman: The… Read more »