Quilts of Valour

by | May 29, 2015

I have a friend who likes to do quilting.  Yes quilting – hand-made comfort and warmth in the form of a blanket.

My friend, like me, is also very committed to contributing to Canada and the community whenever possible…so my friend started to contribute to an organization called Quilts of Valour.  According to their website, they’ve delivered 5978 quilts to soldiers and veterans.

I like small charitable organizations with dedicated groups of volunteers doing the things that matter to them.  QOV reminded me of campaigns that CFIC volunteers have implemented over the past year – gathering socks and winter clothing for homeless and vulnerable people and even projects similar to QOV in the form of handiwork. It’s real and it makes a difference.

I was struck by this quote on the QOV website

It was the first time I had ever received a tangible gift other then a thank you, or hand shake, here and there, which I appreciate and take with pride every time from our fellow Canadian Citizens! We do what we do because we believe in what we do and it is an Honour to be Canadian and represent our values for all here in our home land and abroad.
Adj/WO Yan Davey

Canadian soldiers are called on to go to places around the world in response to situations and issues that are written-about and commented on via Canadian Atheist.  I’m glad that Quilts of Valour volunteers do what they can to provide a gift, a bit of comfort and warmth to people who don’t necessarily receive much real and tangible evidence that their service is appreciated.

I’m also proud when I hear about CFI Canada (and other secular organizations) take active steps to be involved with the issues that matter to them.  Showing up at mid-winter protests to help Raif Badawi or pushing for social justice initiatives; educating people so they can live fully and freely of superstition; hosting an open house event where any and all people are welcome to friendship.

Quilting.  It’s real.  It might be the only tangible evidence that a soldier receives from the community that the service mattered.  If you’re ever looking for a way to keep your fingers busy while watching your favorite tv show, maybe you should take up quilting.  You could be providing tangible evidence of appreciation and respect.


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