April Fools

by | April 1, 2015

In his March 31, 2015 Globe and Mail article, “We’re Aiding and Abetting Homeopathic Quackery,” André Picard anticipates April 1, 2015:  April Fools’ Day:

On April 1, the Ontario Homeopathy Act comes into force. Sadly, this is not an April Fool’s joke.

The Ontario Homeopathy Act is not a joke because

There is no scientific case for homeopathy. It is undiluted quackery.

However, the joke is on the people and who think there is a scientific case for homeopathy. These people are aided and abetted by quacks:

practitioners [who make] sweeping claims about “medicines that respect the wisdom of the body.” It is even stated repeatedly, as fact, that there are numerous studies demonstrating homeopathy’s effectiveness.

Most April Fools’ pranks are harmless, but the Ontario Homeopathy Act is a malicious prank:

The problem is that these actions of government lend a veneer of legitimacy to homeopathy. If products are approved by Health Canada and the people “prescribing” them are regulated by the province, the public can be forgiven for thinking homeopaths are as legitimate as physicians who prescribe prescription drugs. That amounts to aiding and abetting fraud.

Don’t waste your money on homeopaths or homeopathic medicine. Act against the Ontario Homeopathy Act. Call your medical doctor (MD).

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