A Moment of Glaring

With the grumbling by some Canadian politicians about the Supreme Court decision to axe prayer before public meetings, I’m thinking about running for office on a cat platform whereby I ask for a minute of glaring instead of prayer or a minute of silence.

Glaring of Cats

6 thoughts on “A Moment of Glaring

  1. I’d vote for you!

  2. Yes, Diana, great idea.

    I will be attending a Peterborough City Council meeting on Monday evening, and if the mayor starts with the Lord’s Prayer(as has been his practice)or any prayer,I will certainly GLARE at him as I walk out.

  3. I’m in, yes a moment of glaring!

  4. sub

  5. I bet you’d do well too!! 🙂

  6. Perfect illustration! 😀

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