Sunday Rant

by | March 29, 2015

A Guardian article reports,

A Catholic priest in Melbourne has reportedly been criticised for a speech in which he said Jill Meagher would have been at home instead of out on the night she was raped and killed if she was more “faith filled”.

Now, all should be well because

The Catholic Church has apologised for the comments, the Age reports, with one official saying the church did not support the “totally inappropriate” and offensive” comments.

Monsignor Greg Bennett, vicar-general of the archdiocese of Melbourne, went on radio to apologise.

“I’ve spoken with the priest; he acknowledges that the homily wasn’t appropriate and apologises for the offence and upset it has caused,” he told 3AW.

However, all is not well and will not be well until Monsignor Greg Bennett goes on radio to apologize for being a vicar-general in a Church that employs priests who blame the victim. Apologies are not enough; all will not be well until the Catholic Church apologizes for being  totally inappropriate and offensive.

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