Oppressed woman rejects free car

by | March 13, 2015

So you have probably heard of the narrow minded judge who denied an “oppressed” woman the right to her day in court because of alleged bad fashion sense.

Canadians responded to this injustice with a funding campaign that raised 50 grand to get this woman a car.

The drive was in response to a judge’s refusal on Feb. 24 to hear her case against Quebec’s automobile insurance board, which had seized her vehicle

But instead of accepting this gift and meekly returning to her kitchen, she has other ideas.

“As a result, I believe that these funds can be put to better use helping those whose rights have been forfeited and stories left untold.”

Typical, even when you buy a woman a car, she’s not satisfied.

Her name is Rania El-Alloul. She is soooo going to kick their asses.

7 thoughts on “Oppressed woman rejects free car

  1. Veronica Abbass

    Your quip, “even when you buy a woman a car, she’s not satisfied,” implies you are not taking Rania El-Alloul’s case seriously.

    Why put oppressed in quotation marks? Do you think El-Alloul is oppressed?

    BTW: Whose asses is El-Alloul going to kick?

    1. Theo Pious

      El-Alloul is not oppressed, but that is another item. She had to decline the money, and chose not to disclose the true reason why – they are not allowed to accept gifts of this nature from non-believers. I do commend her integrity such as its defined for her by her dogma. She declined the gift, and exercised taqiyya, both as a modest Muslim woman is expected to do.

  2. Joe Post author

    I think her case is ridiculous, it should never have happened. I think she should sue and take it to the Supreme Court, where she will win the right to wear a hat. Incredible waste of money and time, and I wish her well.

    Hats are oppression to women, or so I am told.

    The government of Quebec., their lawyers, and supporters of religious bigotry. Them.

  3. Indi

    I am growing more and more impressed with Rania El-Alloul. It took backbone to stand up to a judge, and now this.

    It was really nice of people to donate to get her a car, and it would have been completely understandable for El-Alloul to accept it. But she shouldn’t have to. She shouldn’t need a handout. She deserves, as any citizen does, to be served fairly and justly by the courts. She found herself at the mercy of a bigot judge, and i’m thrilled she’s chosen to stand up and fight rather than be pushed around. In a way, i’m pleased she didn’t take the charity and chose instead to demand what she deserves from her government.

    Judges should be afforded a certain level of respect in the office and their courtroom, and they are entitled to demand a certain level of pomp and decorum – it *is* a very serious and important job, after all. But their courtroom is not their own private fiefdom for them to lord over like gown-wearing, gavel-toting Caligulas. That courtroom is *our* property, and El-Alloul’s as much as any other Canadian’s. It seems Eliana Marengo will soon be getting a reminder of that, and i hope the reminder reaches all judges – indeed, everyone in public office.

    > Typical, even when you buy a woman a car, she’s not satisfied.

    There’s really no need for this kind of casual sexism, not to mention the “hilarious” use of “oppressed” in the post title. It’s not funny, it’s just distasteful.

    1. Joe Post author

      “It’s not funny, it’s just distasteful”
      It was a Quebec judge, and I am guessing this is judicial activism in response to the failed PQ Charter. I could be wrong, but it fits the faux secularist bigotry that seems to be all the rage. As in, Islam oppresses women, so anything Islamic is unacceptable because… misogyny/patriarchy/privilege. So we must stop people from looking Muslim.

      Oh and funny and distasteful are not mutually exclusive… but are also completely subjective… Actually I was going more for absurd, rather than funny… But I can do distasteful too.. Used to love dead-baby jokes as a kid… Oh and how do you get a one armed man out of a tree? You wave.

  4. Charlicoat

    A person should present themselves in Canadian courts neat and clean and respectfully dressed (you know,like we learned in kindergarten). They need to show their face,(it’s difficult to talk to someone wearing sunglasses never mind face veils, balaclavas, sun visors and whatnot). Other than that the focus on clothing is a distraction. Having stated the obvious, my sympathy lies not with Ms El-Alloul, who has the freedom in Canada to don any apparel she likes(as qualified above and failing which it’s likely she would be offered upwards of 50K), but rather with the women of certain middle eastern, african, and other countries where if their head gear is removed…so is their head.

    1. Joe Post author

      So… Treat everyone like they are children.
      Sounds like a dictatorship to me, but maybe your kindergarten was a democracy…


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