Conrad Black Apologizes – Sort Of

by | March 28, 2015

Conrad Black has written a follow up to his atheist bashing article published last Saturday in the National Post. In “A Reply to My Atheist Critics — They Protest Too Much,” Black, who claims to have “been more severely and lengthily defamed than anyone in Canada since Louis Riel”! offers an apology to, wait for it, Stephen Hawking:

Note: I apologize that Stephen Hawking’s Christian name was misstated in my column last week.

In last week’s article, Black refers to a “David Hawking” and includes him in a list of “vocal atheistic militants.” Do vocal atheistic militants have Christian names?

It would be fun to continue to criticize and malign Black, but Sean McGuire has already done an admirable job in his post “Conrad Black Has Done It Again.”

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