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by | February 13, 2015

logo_SunHeaderThe Sun News Network is in the news today. “Sun News Network Goes Off the Air” says the Globe and Mail; the Toronto Sun says, “Sun News Off the Air,” while the Toronto Star provides more information: “Sun News Network Shuts Down after Buyer Fails to Materialize.” The National Post headline is more sensitive and focuses on the casualties of the Network’s departure from the airwaves: “Sun News Network Shuts Down, Putting 200 Out of Work after Four-Year Run For ‘Fox News North.'”

Was it for dramatic effect that the Sun News Network went dark today, Friday, 13 February? Whatever the reason for the timing, it’s a dark day for the 200 people out of work.

2 thoughts on “Sun News Network

  1. Diana MacPherson

    The only downside, in addition to the people losing their jobs, is Tarek Fatah won’t be as easily accessible. Hopefully, he gets offers from other networks.

  2. bruce van dieten

    No doubt that job losses are a thing to be mourned. Surely the workers are not to be held responsible for the programming decisions of their libertarian and some times xenophobic bosses.
    But Sun TV was a bad idea to begin with, and the low viewership proves that. This dog should never have hunted in the first place. I won’t miss it but where will Christians get their dating site advertising from now? And Tarek still has his column.


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