Lego: Please Rebuild the HMS Beagle

by | February 9, 2015
Beagle 3


Jerry Coyne says,

I’ve found the BEST Lego Idea, and you can vote for it. . . . if a project gets 10,000 supporters, it’s reviewed by the company and then submitted for everyone. The most popular Legos get made into kits.

here’s a project . . . that I think we can all get behind: a model of the H.M.S. Beagle, complete with Darwin, Fitzroy, and a number of cool accoutrements. The project is described here (there are high-resolution photographs on Flickr).

What a great idea! The builder, Luis Pena, has done all the work; all you have to do is click on the HMS Beagle support page to vote

Beagle 2As Coyne says,

I beseech thee that if you want to spread the message of evolution to the children, get over to Pena’s page and vote for the Beagle. It takes only two minutes to register, and there are no strings.

I voted already because Lego isn’t just for children: I like it too!

One thought on “Lego: Please Rebuild the HMS Beagle

  1. Luis Pena

    Hello, thank you very much for posting a link to my project on your website. I wanted to ask you about the possibility of contacting prominent humanists (eg Daniel Dennett or Richard Dawkins), I think that if they could send a twitter to their followers inviting them to check out the project (with a link to the project on the tweet) the project will gain a lot of support and maybe we can get 10,000 votes by the Darwin Day. When Dr. Coyne tweeted the link to the project, it gained more than 300 supporters in less than a day. Thank you very much. Best Regards


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