Hands Across The Water

by | February 12, 2015


Well, not exactly hands across the water because John Hamill from Atheist Ireland flew across the water to Toronto and met with Eric Adriaans from Centre For Inquiry Canada

to announce the charter of the new International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws, and to discuss how both groups will work together as co-founders and partners in the campaign to end blasphemy laws.

In the photo taken during their meeting, John Hamill and Eric Adriaans hold a framed copy of the Charter of the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws.

John Hamill, the coordinator of Atheist Ireland’s blasphemy law campaign,

is wearing a CFI tee-shirt presented to him by Eric that reads “Stop Faith-Based Bigotry.”

The “motto, ‘Stop faith-based bigotry,’ was created by CFI Ottawa” and is the t-shirt of choice when members of CFI Canada take part in pride parades all across the country.

No doubt the other members of Atheist Ireland will be green with envy when they see John’s t-shirt.

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