Black Hat And Scraggly Hair: How Did You Get Her So Wrong?

LispThere really is, it turns out, a Christian networking site called Faithbook. It appears to be a project of the Fellowship of World Christians (FOWC), whose Statement of Faith assures us of their confidence that their “spiritual unity as believers in Christ is accomplished by His finished work on the cross”. I’m frankly not sure how to parse that, but I’ll consider using “finishing up some work” as a cheery euphemism for “getting crucified” from now on. Why the FOWC not?

5 thoughts on “Black Hat And Scraggly Hair: How Did You Get Her So Wrong?

  1. 🙂

  2. The lisp gets you every time.

    • I hope that was a generic sort of “you”! I don’t identify all that closely with either character (especially given some recent, secret decisions I’ve made about their identities, personalities and inclinations). Of the pair, though, Black Hat is closer than Scraggly Hair to my own attitudes and sensibilities.

  3. At FOWC website: “‘men doing work’s for God to gain and sustain” WTF!

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