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Montreal Doesn’t Need a Pope

by | February 5, 2015

Almost 50 years ago, Charles de Gaulle visited Expo 67, a world’s fair held in Montreal, Quebec to celebrate Canada’s 100th birthday in 1967. During his visit, de Gaulle exclaimed, “Vive le Québec libre,” a phrase that made separatists ecstatic and horrified federalists and Lester Pearson, the Canadian prime minister at the time, who countered by… Read more »

Black Hat And Scraggly Hair: How Did You Get Her So Wrong?

by | February 5, 2015

There really is, it turns out, a Christian networking site called Faithbook. It appears to be a project of the Fellowship of World Christians (FOWC), whose Statement of Faith assures us of their confidence that their “spiritual unity as believers in Christ is accomplished by His finished work on the cross”. I’m frankly not sure… Read more »