by | January 4, 2015

The website Why Evolution is True posted a tweet from atheist philosopher Maarten Boudry:


Which leads me to introduce tweets from God @TheTweetOfGod that show that although God has many reasons to be embarrassed, he has a sense of humour:

On December 25th:

Jesus was born today. And if you believe that, you were born yesterday.

On October 22th God had a special message for Canadians

Canada, I have every intention of keeping your land glorious and free.

Since God is not a Canadian, I replied:

@TheTweetOfGod Great, so get out of our national anthem!

On October 13th:

The sooner the Pope accepts gays, the sooner they can help him do something about that wardrobe! #Hideous #NoWhiteAfterLaborDay

Yes, God is a constant source of amusement and embarrassment.

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