Speaking blasphemy

by | January 8, 2015

Being offended is your right, but not caring if you are, is mine. We need to stand up against those who would use bullying or violence to silence those who say offensive things.

The consequences of unpopular opinion, are and should remain limited to, rational criticism.

The heads of two Canadian organizations promoting secularism will ask the Department of Justice to abolish a section of the criminal code that makes blasphemy illegal, following Tuesday’s attacks on Charlie Hebdo.
Section 296 of the Criminal Code makes “blasphemous libel” punishable by up to two years in jail in Canada.

Even in Canada today, it is relevant. It is not just muslims, extremists come in all shapes and sizes, religious, political, ideological. Getting rid of this law might be mostly symbolic, but it is long past time we did this.

One thought on “Speaking blasphemy

  1. Tim Underwood

    Creating religious literature should not be a criminal offence.

    Pretending that religious literature is not poetry or fiction or satire should be a criminal offence.

    Literary Crime: As pointed out by Mark Twain.

    Proving that all religious writings are forms of well known literature types is a lot easier than you might imagine.

    That word ‘imagine’: I rarely use this word without wondering if John Lennon meant “imagine no demon possessions” but this couldn’t be made to scan properly.

    Getting back to the ‘blasphemy’ commentary: Imagine no Holy Scriptures. It’s easy if you try.


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