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by | January 6, 2015

The Site Stats indicate that today is going to be a great day for Canadian Atheist.  At 11:00 EST, there were 238 total views of posts on our blog. I say “our blog” because Canadian Atheist belongs to all of us: readers, writers and commenters. Many readers comment and some commenters are CA writers. Since Canadian Atheist is always looking for new writers, you are invited to be a writer for the premiere Canadian atheist blog that features the writing of a

collection of atheists from across Canada. Some of us have been involved in the freethought movement longer than we’d like to remember and others are quite new. We range from the East coast to the West coast representing organizations such as the Center for Inquiry, the Freethought Association of Canada and various student groups. A couple of our authors come from very religious backgrounds, others still culturally identify in their religion and others never had to deal with religion at all while growing up.

While we all come from different areas and backgrounds we all have one thing in common – we think the Canadian atheist movement is important. Not all of us are atheists, we may even have a Christian sneaking about, but we all understand the importance of secularism and critical thinking in a modern day society. We have the inside scoop on what goes on…the gossip, the internal politics and all the historical context you would ever need to understand any particular situation that happens in Canada.

If you would like to join your favourite writer(s) and contribute to CA, please contact Veronica

3 thoughts on “Read, Write and Comment

  1. Eric1922

    Congratulations to Canadian Atheist for ongoing growth in and support from the Atheist and Secular Humanist community!

  2. Tim Underwood

    The major challenge for secularism in Canada may very well be the lack of involvement in this task by the First nations people.

    The current efforts by the established religions is to integrate forms of First Nation’s spiritualism into existing European doctrines. Sort of like having various Native flavors of Christian worship.

    The very few progressive, secular people, of Native ancestry, have no voice in the myriad Federal Government/Native Leadership/Missionary Church/Royal Family alliances: mostly financed by Canadian tax revenues.

    A few contributors from the First Nations would be great achievement. It would be revolutionary!

    1. Veronica Abbass Post author

      Thanks Tim for your suggestion above.

      Please consider becoming a writer as well.



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