I Am Bernard Drainville

by | January 14, 2015

CBC News Montreal reports “Bernard Drainville set to release new secular charter proposal.” According to CBC, Drainville

is set to introduce Thursday what he’s calling “Charter 2.0” this week, to regulate issues like secularism in the public service.

It is no secret that I supported the earlier Quebec Charter of Values. I will continue to support what Drainville calls “a charter to fight against ‘fundamentalism.’” The CBC article goes on to say,

Reports say this new proposal would exclude universities from any religious dress code.

It would also include a so-called “grandfather clause” to allow current government employees to continue wearing religious symbols.

Drainville said other aspects like the ban on religious symbols for public daycare and school employees will remain a key part of the plan.

“The subsidized private daycare centres are important and they always were,” he said.

“Children do not have to be exposed to religious influence.”

The introduction of a “grandfather clause” is a disappointment. I agree with Sean McGuire from My Secret Atheist Blog when he says,

the grandfather clause seems weasely to me: either allow them or do not allow them!

Drainville’s statement,

“Children do not have to be exposed to religious influence.”

should be brought to the attention of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne: the premier who continues to use tax dollars to fund a public but separate Catholic school system.

One thought on “I Am Bernard Drainville

  1. ultra

    The level of cognitive dissonance in this post is truly amazing. It’s like a master class in fox news style obfuscation. Bravo.


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