“God’s Politics?”

by | January 26, 2015

Chesterton-Debate 2

The second Chesterton Debate is entitled “God’s Politics? A Debate on Religion’s Role in Political Life.” The series website’s “About” section maintains


The Chesterton Debate Series, inspired by the notable English luminary G.K. Chesterton, is an initiative of the Office of Catholic Youth in partnership with the Archdiocese of Toronto. The debate series has two primary goals.

1.  To provide a forum for respectful and substantive discussion of contentious issues relevant in today’s world.

2.  To provide perspective on issues considered important to the formation of an individual’s conscience.

If the first Chesterton debate is any example, the second debate will fail in its goal to provide a forum for “respectful” discussion.

Luminary appears to be a favourite adjective for the organizers. G.K. Chesterton is described as a “notable English luminary,” and Iain Benson and Leslie Rosenblood are described as “two luminaries squaring off on one of the most controversial and important topics of our time.” Lorna Dueck, who is described as “a popular television personality and Globe and Mail contributor,” is the moderator.

Benson is “a Catholic legal philosopher, writer, and professor” and Dueck is “the host and executive producer of Context with Lorna Dueck” produced by Catholic TV, so don’t expect her to be impartial.

Rosenblood, founding member of and policy adviser for the Canadian Secular Alliance, hopes “you will be able to join [him] in Toronto on February 27” to hear him argue against the resolution: “One’s religious convictions should play a significant role in political affairs.”

Please support Leslie Rosenblood by attending the second Chesterton Debate on February 27, 2015 at the Isabel Bader Theatre (Victoria University),  93 Charles Street West, Toronto.

Don’t let the Catholics/Christians control the message. Purchase tickets early to make sure there is an atheist and secular presence in the Isabel Bader Theatre.

4 thoughts on ““God’s Politics?”

  1. Tim Undwerwood

    What a bunch to argue with.

    Their whole defense rests on the difficulty there is in proving a non-existence.

    Oh yeah, and their insistence that ethics isn’t a human invention.

    Their legitimacy rests on the huge number of supporters they have frightened and cajoled over the centuries.

    Their political support stems from the unimaginative conservative mindset.

  2. KD

    Dueck’s program often discusses issues of religion in the public square, and not just theistic perspectives. And while “Context” is syndicated on numerous networks, it’s not produced by Catholics. Who would you consider to be a fair moderator–agnostics only? Instead of disparaging an event before it happens (while, curiously, encouraging your readers to attend), why not offer some meaningful advice about how to ensure it’s a respectful and worthwhile discussion? That is, assuming you’re interested in perspectives other than your own.

    1. billybob

      Re: 100 Huntley Street

      The show is co-hosted by John Hull, Ron Mainse and Moira Brown; Ron succeeded as host following David Mainse’s retirement in 2003. Over the years there have been many people to co-hoste the show alongside David or Ron Mainse, including Gordon Williams, Val Dodd, Ron Hembree, Ralph Rutledge, Rhonda Glenn, Ray David Glenn, Lorna Dueck, Cal Bombay, Brian Warren, Norm MacLaren, Reynold & Kathy Mainse, Father Bob McDougal, Jim Cantelon, Robbie Symons, Jerry Johnston and Ann Mainse.

      ListenUp—hosted by Lorna Dueck, also based on a 100 Huntley Street segment. This program has been renamed Context with Lorna Dueck, produced by Media Voice Generation & CTV. Episodes are aired on CTS.

      Oh yeah she is not a fundy! 100 Huntley was a very liberal TV show pro-gay and pro-abortion.


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