Are You an Atheist; Would You Like To Discuss Death?


Update: The full/correct email address for Miriam Karrel is

Dalhousie University anthropology student Miriam Karrel would like our help.  Please see her note below:

Are you an atheist, and would you like to discuss death? My name is Miriam Karrel, and I am currently researching how atheists or non-believers cope with death as part of my honours degree in anthropology at Dalhousie. I would like to interview self-identified atheists or non-believers to find out more about their practical ways of dealing with death, their thoughts about death and experiences of death. This would involve a one-to-one interview of about an hour, conducted in a location of your choice. If this is something you are interested in, please contact me at for more information.

Please reply to Miriam Karrel directly at or in the comments.

27 thoughts on “Are You an Atheist; Would You Like To Discuss Death?

  1. I would be interested in that conversation. I’ll be 60 this year, it has a certain imminence.

  2. Sure, I’ll help

  3. I would be willing to be interviewed about being an atheist and my views surrounding death. Hopefully I can be of some use to your research.

  4. hi,
    Interesting topic! I would love to help. Is the above email address incomplete?

  5. Sent email, commenting here just in case.

  6. I’d love to discuss it, im 20 and in the military (reserve).

  7. Sure, I can help too.

  8. Would love to help. It would be an interesting conversation.

  9. Love to help, though I’m not sure if the email address, .com or .edu

  10. i could do it over the phone or by skype. my mother just passed away last month. also i am a member of dying with dignity

  11. I would love to help as well, but I live in Ontario. A face to face interview would be impractical. Any chance of an e-mail or telephone interview? If not, I wish you all the best in your research…

  12. Hi. I’m an atheist and I spend a significant amount of time considering death. I’d be interested in participating.

  13. Email sent

  14. Please get back to me, I would be delighted to help with your endeavor. Bradley Cozens.

  15. I am 45 and am a former drug addict and have come close to death before…. And have thought extensively about the topic

  16. I am 40 years old and am awaiting my second kidney transplant. Death (and the advice on how to cope with it) is all around me at all times. I take treatment at a catholic hospital so it makes for some interesting discussions. I would love to participate or even connect with like minded people.

  17. I’m an atheist who would like to discuss this. Contact me if interested.

  18. 55 yrold married life long athiest. declared at age 11

  19. I would love to participate! I live in New Brunswick, but we could do the interview over Skype if you’d like 🙂

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