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Greece’s New Godless Prime Minister

by | January 31, 2015

I’m encouraged by the victory of Syriza, a “far-left” party with very real communist roots, in the recent elections in Greece. Syriza took nearly half the seats in the unicameral Hellenic Parliament, and secured a majority by entering into a coalition with the “far-right” Independent Greeks. The idea of a far-left-far-right coalition might seem far… Read more »

The Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws, Worldwide

by | January 30, 2015

Everything you need to know about “The Campaign to Abolish Blasphemy Laws, Worldwide” is available on one website: End Blasphemy Laws. The “About” section explains, The End Blasphemy Laws Campaign is run by the International Coalition Against Blasphemy Laws and brings together individual people (like you!) and organizations that share the same goal: campaigning to repeal “blasphemy”… Read more »

Recommended Reading

by | January 27, 2015

Ever since the odious terrorist attack against the editorial staff of Charlie Hebdo on January 7th 2015, we have been told repeatedly that the cartoons published in that magazine are offensive, vulgar, provocative, etc. Is that really the case? David Rand Atheist Freethinkers’ new site Atheology features David Rands blog post: “Charlie Hebdo Cartoons: Respectful… Read more »

“God’s Politics?”

by | January 26, 2015

The second Chesterton Debate is entitled “God’s Politics? A Debate on Religion’s Role in Political Life.” The series website’s “About” section maintains   The Chesterton Debate Series, inspired by the notable English luminary G.K. Chesterton, is an initiative of the Office of Catholic Youth in partnership with the Archdiocese of Toronto. The debate series has… Read more »

“Can’t Anything Be Private Anymore?”

by | January 24, 2015

In her latest opinion column in Peterborough This Week, Sarah Frank asks, “Can’t Anything Be Private Anymore?” Frank starts her article with a general discussion about personal privacy: Living in a society driven by new technologies and steered by highly-specialized marketing techniques, it’s no surprise that our level of personal privacy is declining — and… Read more »