Sweden and Other Atheist Nations

by | December 3, 2014
Swedish for God Probably Doesn't Exist

Swedish for God Probably Doesn’t Exist

Vox put together a cute clip listing 11 reasons we should all move to Sweden. Among the 11 things listed are: universal health care, extremely generous parental leave (to be taken anytime before the child turns 8), almost free daycare and lots of holidays.

I’d like to add another one: Sweden is one of the least religious countries in the world! Seems like a pretty successful society much like many other strong atheist nations like Europe, other Scandinavian countries, Australia and New Zealand. So much for society going to hell without religion!

You can see a lists of The Largest Atheist / Agnostic Populations in this PDF.

5 thoughts on “Sweden and Other Atheist Nations

    1. Diana MacPherson Post author

      Perhaps the VOX should have written, “11 reasons we should move to Sweden, unless you are Julian Assange”.

      1. Joe

        I was thinking more:

        100 countries that will sell you to a foreign power for a pat on the head

        …but I suck at writing clickbait titles.

        1. Diana MacPherson

          That would be, “All the countries Edward Snowden Cant Visit”

          1. Joe

            You’re not playing the game right, you need to include a number, or the ad people don’t have a metric to measure how effective their clickbait ads are.

            10 reasons Putin will never let Snowden leave Russia.

            For instance.

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