Petition: Provide Gay-Straight Alliances in Schools

by | December 14, 2014

Lauren White, a 16 year old student in the Edmonton Catholic School District, has started a petition asking the Edmonton Catholic School Board and Albertan MLAs to support GSA clubs in Catholic schools, and asking that GSA clubs are held on school property.

Lauren White is

upset at the stance the school board is taking on this issue. Jesus has said, “Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” I believe that GSAs are one of the best ways to act on this teaching.

Bonnie Nicholas, who signed the petition nine days ago says,

I’m signing because this petition was started by a 16-year-old student in ECSD. Let’s trust our youth to know what they need.

Lauren White and the students in the Edmonton Catholic School District should trust themselves and not rely on Jesus to support them because the Roman Catholic Bishops of Calgary and Edmonton are not going to support them even though these bishops are supposed to be Jesus’ representatives, nor will the students will not get support from the rabid Catholics in their parishes:

one parishioner said local Catholics should look to the pope for guidance on the GSA issue.

“I would be interested in Pope Francis’ opinion. That’s where I think we need to receive our ultimate direction,” said Wayne Brown.

One woman, who didn’t give her name, said she agreed with the pope’s message of acceptance, but added she’s uncomfortable with campus clubs and the Pride movement.

“To me, it’s a private thing,” she said.

Pronoun reference fail! What’s a private thing? A private thing is religion, which should not be subsidized by the government and should not interfere with publicly-funded education. Are these people so ignorant of reality that they think some pope has the right to give his opinion on what happens in government funded schools? Yes, unfortunately, they are ignorant of reality, and you can blame that ignorance on Catholic indoctrination.

Calgary Bishop Fred Henry thinks human sexuality is an issue and his Pastoral Letter dealing with the issue, “A Resource For An Inclusive Community – A Teacher’s Guide For and About Persons With Same Sex Attractions,” is available on the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association website.

Bishop Henry, Edmonton Archbishop Richard Smith, Wayne Brown, and the woman who didn’t give her name are four reasons why you should sign this petition asking the Edmonton Catholic School Board to support GSA clubs in Catholic schools, but the best reason for signing the petition is to support Lauren White and all Alberta students’ right to form gay straight alliances in their schools.


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