Former Staff Sue Florida Spa that Treated First Nations Girls with Cancer

by | December 12, 2014

Remember the Aboriginal girls suffering from leukaemia whose parents ceased their chemotherapy treatment to instead pursue alternative treatments at the Hippocrates Health Institute (HHI) in Florida (see posts here and here)? Two former HHI employees claim they were fired because they documented that they were being asked to do illegal things and they are in the process of suing HHI for violation of the Whistleblower Act.

When a CBC reporter asked Brian Clement, the person who runs HHI, for his comment, he responded aggressively, asking her to get off his property and calling her “part of the system”. It  seems Mr. Clement is nervous that his charlatanism is being exposed.

According to CBC sources, more than a third of HHI’s customers come from Canada and Clement traveled to Six Nations twice to give talks where, according to Steven Pugh, a former nurse at HHI he claimed he would “cure your illness.” Despicable!

I am heartened that Pugh took his concerns to Florida’s Department of Health and the Board of Nursing in November and that he refused to “participate in a scam under Florida law by prescribing supplements, etc. by unlicensed persons.” as CBC reports from the court documents.

I hope now, the parents of Makayla Sault and the unnamed second aboriginal girl realize their decision to seek treatment with HHI was a bad one and they resume the treatment that gives their children a 90-95 per cent chance of survival! If they choose, they can still use traditional medicine along side the hospital’s cancer treatment but the only thing that is going to save their children is getting real help from the hospital. I hope they make the right decision!

Take a look at the video on the National site to see how Clement responds to CBC’s questions and take a look at this video to see at what HHI thinks about treating chronic illnesses, including cancer. According to the HHI website:

Though so much evidence points to a defective energy metabolism or bioenergetics in so many diseases and simple nutritional manipulations can play such an important role in reversing poor health and chronic diseases, there is little attention, nor awareness, among the lay public and professionals.


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