A Giant Statue

by | December 9, 2014


I’m pretty much neutral in the Apple vs. Windows debates that flare up now and then in various venues. Both kinds of computer have more or less similar capabilities, and I don’t mind using either. However, I do have a slight preference for Windows machines, which is partly down to force of habit and partly down to minor aesthetic and functional differences between the two systems. Another factor, though, is the faint but undeniable whiff of cultishness that surrounds Apple and its products.

Incidentally, “iSlam” should be pronounced “eye-slam”.

2 thoughts on “A Giant Statue

  1. dusttodust

    Undeniable whiff of cultishness indeed. I’ve suggested that for years and for the whole range of Apple products.
    For me it’s the closed, proprietary, coddled aspect of their products. Difficult technical access is a part of that. Slick marketing to hoodwink the masses only adds to the “yeah not me I’ll pass” attitude. Price is also a big factor.
    But hey at the end of the day they’ve certainly been massively successful. But then so have religions.


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