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To Pray or Not to Pray

by | December 10, 2014

Sean McGuire at My Secret Atheist Blog has been closely monitoring municipal councils, especially in Ontario, to report on which councils say the Lord’s Prayer, which councils say a prayer, and which councils don’t appeal to some god for guidance at the opening of council meetings. In his latest post on the topic, “Port Hope’s… Read more »

The 2014 Freedom of Thought report

by | December 10, 2014

Today (10 December, 2014) is Human Rights Day. It’s starting to become a tradition every year that on this day the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU releases their Freedom of Thought report – which is becoming one of the most comprehensive reports about discrimination against nonbelievers. In the coming weeks I will be diving… Read more »

Onion Article: Man Somehow Overcomes Alcoholism Without Jesus

by | December 10, 2014

The Onion wrote a funny piece titled, Man Somehow Overcomes Alcoholism Without Jesus. The article talks about how the man used his own willpower, a desire to better himself as a human being, and not Jesus Christ for the otherwise inexplicable recovery which would not have been possible without [wife and non-supernatural-entity] Susan even though his aunt remained steadfast in… Read more »