Salon??? Is that you?

by | November 15, 2014

“The need for frank talk about religion is most pressing as regards both Islam and Christianity, which proclaim their validity for all humankind and thus should be subject to universal debate and scrutiny.” Salon waxes uncharacteristically reasonably on religious critique: “Wake Up and Oppose Theocracy: Bill Maher, Rula Jebreal and the Urgent Islam Debate.”

One thought on “Salon??? Is that you?

  1. Tim Underwood

    Yes this is true. What is also true is that our elected leaders are not up to this task. This is a major weakness of the democratic system. The fact that after hundreds of years of proselytizing, a majority of people, the world over, assume there is something to these religious tales shouldn’t be surprising.

    If we are at war with bad ideas, it is a stone cold fact that the democratic system has been effectively disabled.

    There is very little money or votes available to carry on this fight.

    Religion is offering ‘everlasting life’ and ‘major financial support’ to submissive individuals and politicians.

    Religion is also threatening ‘everlasting damnation’ and ‘financial ruin’ to oppositional individuals and politicians.

    Stephen Harper may be willing to confront Vladimir but he sure as hell will never confront Francis.

    Even when that Italian Idiot advocates something as stupid and as harmful as exorcisms.

    We have to accept it. Sam Harris and Bill Maher are as good as it gets outside of Canadian Atheists.

    If the Canadian Public Education system hadn’t been so relentlessly controlled by unofficial religious influences, possibly religion, here in Canada, may have already died out.

    There is a reason multiculturalism is given such financial support from the public purse.

    All multiculturalism has ever meant is control over public education. From separate school systems to muzzling individual educators, the message is clear, “We must control what facts our children learn”.

    If all children were allowed to know all the facts, religion could disappear within one generation.

    This is precisely how religion disappears.


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