Jesus Married: Who Cares?

by | November 16, 2014




Does anyone care whether Jesus was married with children?  York U professor Barrie Wilson and filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici care; they wrote the book, The Lost Gospel: Decoding the Sacred Text that Reveals Jesus’ Marriage to Mary Magdalene.

Not everyone is a believer convinced by Wilson and Jacobovici’s theisis. Mark Goodacre and Robert Cargill are more than skeptical; they are downright dismissive.

Mark Goodacre has looked at Wilson’s and Jacobovici’s “claims in greater detail, and it is clear that there is absolutely no merit.” Robert Cargill maintains,

“The lost gospel is not lost. And it’s not a gospel. Scholars have known about and studied [this text] for a very long time.”

Jacobovici agrees

“There’s been debate about whether Jesus was married for some time. But that’s the least of it. To me, it’s obvious that a first-century Jewish rabbi such as Jesus would marry and likely father children. . . .”

For others, the controversy surrounding The Lost Gospel is a tempest in a teapot.  Of course, there were first-century Jewish rabbis who were married and had children. However, whether Jesus was a rabbi or even whether Jesus was/is is not something that preoccupies unbelievers.

3 thoughts on “Jesus Married: Who Cares?

  1. Tim Underwood

    The Jesus of the Gospels is entirely a literary creation. Just check out John Hudson on the Internet.

    Please excuse the perfidious name-dropping.

    Yes, of course, Jesus got hitched in one of the gnostic tales. Archie got killed in one of the recent comic issues as well. I believe he also go hitched in an earlier issue.

    This is not history.

  2. billybob

    Archie is dead?

    Maybe he is sitting in a coffee shop with Jesus and Elvis?

    Look for Richard Carrier videos on youtube, he argues JC is
    a myth.

  3. Alex T

    There’s another non-canonical gospel which tells of Jesus as a child. The Saviour gets pissed at a kid and kills him which understandably gets him and his family chased out of town. I think that has as much truth in it as this new gospel (or any of the canonical gospels, for that matter).


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