2015 Secular Calendar

by | November 2, 2014

The Humanist Association of Ottawa 2015 calendar is now available:


Order your 2015 Humanist Calendar before December 15th and receive 2$ off. This year’s calendar features.. Ernestine Rose • Steve Jobs • Svend Robinson • Omar Sharif • George Clooney • Stanley Kubrick • Taslima Nasrin • Charles Bradlaugh • Bill Gates • Elizabeth Stanton • Brad Pitt and… and…discover the secret a 17th century French priest kept from the world.

$12.00 + $2.10 shipping for each calendar. Add another $2.00 after December 15th

Please send cheque to:

Humanist Association of Ottawa

PO Box 8733 STN T

Ottawa ON K1G 3J1


Pay online at: http://ottawa.humanists.net/shop

Don’t forget to include your postal address!

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