Humanist Children’s Book In Progress

by | August 15, 2014

Russ Appelt and his girlfriend Elsie sponsor a student at Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. However, inspired by Lylah Mouton at KidsHeartKids and by Sean McGuire’s ongoing support for KHPS at My Secret Atheist Blog, Russ wanted to do more to help the school and the kids, so he is in the process of writing the text for a children’s book entitled Good Day Uganda, with illustrations by an artist from Malaysia.


Sean McGuire has written a detailed post on Russ Appelt, and Good Day Uganda and has included a selection of the illustrations for the book.

Russ sent me additional illustrations for this post. Here is one of the book’s beautiful illustrations:

AppeltRuss has a request:

If you have any ideas on what else I could include in this children’s book please send them my way.

Put on your thinking cap, and when you have an idea or ideas for Russ, contact him.  Russ’s email is included in Sean McGuire’s post.

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